Many use a calendar structure as a start to implementation of routines or structures that will help them achieve their goals.

How many times have you said… ‘I’ll start this on Monday,’ or…. ‘I’ll start this on the 1st of the month or year.’ We have all been guilty of it, but guess what. It is all B.S.

In every second of our lives we have choice. Massive and immediate action will start the momentum towards achieving your goals…..not waiting until a Monday comes around. If I had waited for every Monday to start something new then I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am in life now.

Actions start with a decision to simply get it done. Here are some simple steps to help you raise to the next level. Bugger Mondays. DO IT NOW!!

1- Think about what you want to achieve. This could be for your professional or personal life, for your body or for your mind.


2- See it completed. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how yet or that it may take a week, a year, or a month.


3- Attach the positive emotion you will feel once you have nailed it. Is it pride, is it strength, is it confidence, is it gratitude, is it excitement at what will come after you achieve this. Feel all of this at once. Your mind cannot tell if it is happening now or in the future. Sitting in these emotions, attaching them to the achievement will open up neural pathways to find a way to make this goal a reality.

4- Take action. Massive action. If your goal is for fitness then go for a walk or run NOW!! If your goal is in your professional life then make that phone call you’ve been putting off NOW!! The first step is always the hardest but that first step brings with it momentum. 5- Put something in place to make yourself accountable. Discipline in consistency can be difficult but if you are made accountable by more than just your energy, you will see greater results faster. It maybe putting yourself out there publicly, or it maybe in calling someone you respect and telling them what you are going to do and asking them to help make you accountable. It maybe hiring a coach. Whatever it is, accountability, out of your own, is one of the keys to see dreams come true.

6- Keep repeating these steps.


We are all creatures of habit. Let’s make our habits serve our higher goals, our higher selves. There is only positivity and evolution, pride and confidence that can come from it. I do a morning priming focus meditation everyday and have found it the most effective tool to aid in the psychological process above. Start making those actionable steps to help evolve into the person you want to be.


Much love. xx

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