Be inspired and evolve everyday

Stop, breathe, heal, be and flow into your day

How many days get away from us and we think that we could have done better, been better, done more?

How many more days are you going to procrastinate away, overwhelmed and stressed? Playing on a low frequency, not achieving what you want in life?

This transformational free meditation and breathwork will help set your day up to be more productive than the day before, helping you eat that elephant of life one bite at a time and ultimately achieve your goals.

‚ÄčThese sessions are free and live on our Facebook page at The Evolved You. We invite you to join us there!

If you see the difference this kick start to your day makes in your life, then join us for a longer journey to manifest our future, heal our pasts and enjoy every moment of every day.

Upcoming Events

Evolutionary Breathwork Journey Workshop

Breath and Ice Experience Workshop