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A little more about Kat Best

I’m all about efficiency and effectiveness.  I have spent thousands of hours trying to understand the mind and how to ‘hack’ it.  I needed to bring inner peace, fulfilment and understanding within myself after traumatic life events in my early life left me suffering from depression and anxiety. 

These events may have made my life more difficult, but I never let it stop me.

 ✔️16 years in business

✔️1000+ clients taught

✔️20 countries visited

✔️10 years single parenting

✔️3 rugrats

✔️1 me

From 2018 you can add the best husband in the world, 2 more rugrats, 5 goats, 11 chickens, 2 turtles, 3 fish, a few yabbies and 2 dogs. My life is blessed.​

I’ve always been an empath and I have always been a business woman. My journey has always been to create light in this all too dark and negative world. I was able to create positive experiences and help people smile through servicing the scuba diving industry.

After nearly 20 years in my scuba diving business, I found that I was helping more and more students overcoming anxiety and depression. Sharing my research and skills in human psychology along side diving, I was able to help change peoples lives.

When covid put a halt to my diving business, I felt it was time to spread into the field of meditation, goal setting and midset work and help others achieve what I have been able to in business and in life.

It was time to take my mission to create positive personal evolution into the digital age.​

Life has rewarded me with many blessings. These did not fall in my lap. I learned and fought for them but through my journey I discovered easier ways to achieve your true potential.

The tools that I researched, practiced and evolved to increase efficiency and effectiveness and creating the best version of myself are what I am here to share with you.​

If we don’t evolve a little bit everyday we will never see how truly great life can be.